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Copy of Sit Nosh and the Digital Highway

Sit, Nosh, and The Digital Highway

I have always been an advocate of using what you have to decorate your home if you are on a tight budget. It’s a great idea especially now when as everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Try using vintage plates and saucers are a great way to decorate blank walls in your home. This type of decoration is often used in traditional homes. But their style has sneaked their way into farmhouse and transitional styled dining rooms, kitchens, and entries.

If you don’t have any plates you can use, you can purchase some at a garage sale, thrift stores, and flea markets. Run them through the dishwasher and wash your hands.

Now, there are three ways you can hang your plates. One way is with a conventional plate hanger you can find these at any art and décor store. They have grips and tension springs to hold on to the plate securely. This type of plate hanger is usually found in sets and come in different sizes. Make sure you find the right size for your plate.

The second type is kind of do it yourself. They are called D cup rings and you can find these in any hardware store and big box stores online. The trick to doing this getting some clear Gorilla Glue and applying a drop and let it sit overnight. From there, you can hang them anywhere.

Now how should you hang them? Any way you like. I would look through books find inspiration on Pinterest. For me, I did a mix of art and a large-scaled decorative mirror. I sketched it out first, made a plan, and made it happen. You can too!


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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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