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The Warmth and Casual Coziness of a Farmhouse Dining Room

Distressed woods, black iron finishes and family friendly art that says you are welcome here. I have always loved the look of farmhouse and French country kitchens; and I love designing them. For me there is some nostalgic that reminds me of my family’s dining room when I was younger.

My mother and grandmother were the best cooks in the family. Every Sunday our family would get together and I remember the smells from the kitchen. Fried pork chops, collard greens, hot water cornbread, smoked ham and okra. And for dessert we had my grandmother’s banana pudding and my mother’s Bundt cake; you know the one with the chocolate center? There had to be twenty of us in our home. Our dining room held a lot of happiness and fantastic memories

Today’s new open floor plan has central access to the family room, kitchen and dining room. I abhor formal dining rooms. I feel there should personal and private rooms in a home; the dining room should not be one of them. The dining room should be an experience and be functional for the entire family and guests.

Function means selecting hard wearing finishes for the tables that are easy to clean. Comfortable seating whether that should be chairs or benches and if you extend seating in the kitchen, the bar stool design should repeat the design esthetic. As I get older, I appreciate furniture with a bit of history, a story behind it. Something you make with your hand that’s not manufactured. I love glazed handmade ceramic accessories, beautiful textured linens and cream colored florals.

When you decide on creating and purchasing a dining room make purchases suitable for you situation. If you are college student it’s okay to get the three piece set. If you are a growing family, invest in good quality dining furniture; and mix it up. It’s okay if it doesn’t match, in fact is more interesting and look one of kind. A server or a bar area is a must and don’t forget proper lighting to illuminate the gorgeous meal.

A farmhouse dining room or any dining room is about getting together without any false pretense, relaxing, eating and enjoy everyone’s company.

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