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Take me to Italy!

Ever since I saw A Room with a View, when I was in my early twenties I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. I loved the romantic notion of falling in love with the country and its people. I remember the back and forth with Mis Lucy Honeychurch and the mysteriously handsome George Emerson. I fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, rich cultural history, architecture, and of course the food. Don’t get me started with the food. The language screams of passion and romance,

My life goal is to go and see the Colosseum, the Vatican, the galleries, have real pizza, and maybe a glass of vino. There have been so many movies about the Italian or Mediterranean lifestyle. Under The Tuscan Sun is another favorite. It was about heartbreak, making your life over again, and about the glorious food. I love the giant feast where everyone is commiserating and enjoying each other’s stories. The colors, the overall ambiance had me longing for my own villa.

I am a huge foodie and over the pandemic, I learned to cook again. The shows that helped me and inspired me were Someone Feed Phil and The Chef Show on Netflix. I loved seeing how the dishes were made and all the restaurants, cities, and countries that inspired me to try something out of my comfort zone, My favorite dish from Chef? Scarlett’s Pasta or Aglio e Olio. Easy to make, I also love any pasta really.

Scarlett's Pasta


My favorite Italian chef I hope to meet is Massimo Bottura. (credit, Forbes) I developed a crush on him while watching Netflix's Chef's Table. Not because the food his food and restaurant are stellar, but because he is fun. What he does with Parmigiano-Reggiano is amazing! I love a man who can cook. Fresh Roma tomatoes, good olive oil, and garlic. I am about to faint thinking about a good pasta dish. Finish off the day with gelato or a lemonade.


The closest I come to authentic food from Italy is Eataly in Dallas. It's remarkable and so heavenly to me. The wine, pasta, meats, and cheeses. They can even deliver it. Check them out.

The best thing I have seen lately in Animation is Pixar’s Luca. I have seen it five times already. It’s a joyous film set in on the gorgeous Italian Riviera. All that movie wanted to make me do is dance and get a Vespa. the music, the language, and the look of a small Italian town are replicated beautifully. I have gone around the house repeating "Silencio Bruno!" to my husband and puppies.

Credit: Pixar.

I don’t know when this pandemic is going to end but I am getting my passport ready for a grand tour of Italy. I want to sit at a café, enjoy the sunrise, sip on a real cappuccino and enjoy everything the city has to offer. I want to be taken to Italy.

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