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Staying Alive: Covid Part 2

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Quick rewind in Texas. In May, our covid levels were actually looking good looks like we may get back to normal. I saw people vaccinate. I actually saw people venturing out, going to restaurants, and doing some real shopping. Then like a stick of dynamite, we got some not-so-good news. And her name was Delta. Unlike disco, this has not died and looks like an ongoing dangerous disease we have to worry about for the time being This is my experience and I had to put it on paper to keep from imploding

The new covid variant was not like the song Delta Dawn. This tune was off-key playing in an empty room. With the previous virus strain, we were finally feeling hopeful and we had a vaccine, We thought we had a magic bullet. Sadly, it never came to pass. Because of the unvaccinated population, the virus mutated over and over. Until we got this deadlier variant.

Now if you weren’t vaccinated the delta variant is several times more contagious than the original virus. If you have been reading and listening to any real verified news, this has become a disease among the unvaccinated. And they are dying and clogging up the medical systems in mostly red states. So, after my brief outing, I kept masking, sanitizing, and social distancing. In other words, I stayed the F at home because I am autoimmune compromised. By the way, I was vaccinated in March at the UT Southwest pop-up in Market Center in Dallas, and recently I got the booster shot.

The key with any vaccine whether if it's Moderna, Pfizer, or even Johnson and Johnson, is in between your shots you have to stay put and let the vaccine do its job. It's about 21 to 24 days between shots. Now with the new booster, it’s the same issue; you wait and let it cure. Yes, you do get a sore arm, you feel tired and that’s with any shot. I get the flu and shingles shot every year, it’s the same thing. Importantly, you don’t get really sick or die.

Misinformation has been the evil that has gotten us to 700,000 deaths. It has hurt people from all walks of life in especially urban and rural communities. Doesn’t matter if you are red or blue. It did not and does not have to be this way with a safe and free vaccine. We would have been further along if people just wore a mask. A piece of cloth that doctors wear during surgeries and examinations. That’s it. A piece of cloth.

You indeed have choices. You have your beliefs. no need to hurt others. Especially children or the immune-compromised who are not able to get the vaccine yet. The rudeness, hate and out and out ugliness have no place in society. People's need to spread a deadly disease does not outweigh my right and others' need for safety, science, and kindness. The doctors, nurses, and frontline workers, especially the ones who have taken it upon themselves to keep their oaths and get vaccinated deserve respect. After all, they are trying to save your life. There are not a lot of ICU beds, especially in children's hospitals. If you research, make sure you do it under today's date.

Now with that said a simple surgical mask will not cut it anymore, even if you are vaccinated. You need to have an N95, KF94, or KF95 mask. They provide proper protection. They come in a range of new and fun colors and patterns. Or you can mix it with another cloth mask for optimum protection. I always carry a Lysol mini, and sanitizer. I mean I have sets of them in my purse and backpack and a couple of trash bags.

How were you all before the pandemic? I still had my reservations about people after George Floyd and TFG years. I was cautious, but I still had faith about there were good people and love. I am not going to lie, it tightened up as well as being protective about me and my family. So it's not over and we have to stay vigilant. Keep masking, get your vaccine and your booster. The vaccines are safe and free.

Look at Jimmy Carter, he got his. Betty White got her shot. So did Barack and Michelle, and even my favorite, Lady Gaga. That’s not the reason I wanted and got it. I wanted to live and wanted my family to get it. I also trusted the scientists who know more than me to get it right. I have a big family that got the vaccine. Missed them and I wanted to see and hug my family again. I wanted to go to the theater again and actually see like-minded people and friends again.

Covid part two, I did not care for it? We are at 60,000 deaths in Texas alone. Two thousand children have died from this. I cry and ask why? I don’t want a part three, sequels don’t do well. Unless you are Batman or an Avenger. I simply ask you to do your part, be civil so we can really move on.



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