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One Year Later: Keep Your Masks and My Experience with the Pfizer Vaccine

One year ago I filmed my first virtual commercial in Arhaus then the decree came down that we were in lockdown for two weeks. As luck would have it, two weeks turned into a year. I have been in lockdown.

I remember the confusion about masks and the run-on toilet paper, and people flushing Clorox wipes down the toilet. We thought it would be like the Ebola scare the government then would gather up their big boy pants up and kick it into gear. We all know the outcome now; the stories are numerous. With more than 500,000 deaths, we should have all taken it more seriously. Sigh, there a few out there still not taking it seriously and now that we have a new President, three new vaccines with four variants we still need to take it seriously.

There is hope on the horizon, hopefully, by late summer we will have some normalcy. This is if we all work together and wear our masks and schedule our shots. Speaking of masks, have you see the large variety of masks available? If we have to keep wearing masks, why not make them fashionable and fun.

There are various types of masks available, there is no excuse. You have cloth, surgery grade, construction-grade, and now sneaker and designer brands are getting into the act of creating masks for children and adults. Like John Witherspoon used to say, coordinate. Coordinate with our attire. Give it pop, pop, pop!

Dr. Anthony Fauci recommends we all double up on our masks even after getting our shots, for extra protection against the newer variants. So get a few plain surgical masks from your pharmacy or amazon and layer them with your existing fashionable mask. It works and you can still breathe. Make sure you get the right size for your head. Especially if you get the N94 or N95 masks. When I first bought my masks, they were too big for me, so I had to get the smaller size.

Speaking of Fauci, when It time for your vaccine, get it and wait the days and weeks in between so they take hold and work. My husband and I got the Pfizer vaccine. we got there an hour early, and the line wall was around the block. The check-in was speedy, no pictures were allowed. Once I was called to I don't know if I was overly sensitive that day but that prick felt like a stab. What to expect when you get your shots.

I love the newer masks, you know the bejeweled kind and they are adjustable. Natalie Mills and designer Christian Siriano make the most beautiful masks. There is a multitude of masks so why just go for just the plain blue, gray, or white surgical masks when you can have beautiful florals, prints, or blinged-out masks. Natalie makes beautiful holiday masks as well. Use code RSXAHI on Natalie Mills and save 15%.

One year after streaming movies, learning to bake, sew, and basically living like a hermit to save lives and support those in need. The sacrifice made, the wait to get your shots, and just basically being a decent human being will get us back on track. We can do this together. Find where to get your vaccine HERE.

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