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Movie Interiors to Be Inspired By

Something's Got to Give 2003

When we go to the movies, we go for a little escapism. We go to cheer on your favorite characters, to visit new worlds, to fall in love, and sometimes to be frightened out of your seats. One of the most loved genres, rom-com, has been missing from movie houses ever since the Avengers were called to save the world.

Well, I am a movie lover, and I am a huge fan of Nancy Meyer’s movies in particular. From Father of The Bride to The Intern, her interiors are impeccable. I didn’t care for Home Again, not because of the interiors, but because of the story.

The first interior and exterior I fell in love with were the ones from Something’s Got to Give with Diane Keaton. Not only was the story hilarious, but it was also relatable. The interiors were done by the set decorator, Beth Rubino, and production designer Jon Hutman. I am inspired as a designer by these Hamptons/Cape Cod-style exteriors and the relaxing, comfortable coastal interiors.

Blues, creams, soft tans, and dark brown finishes. Coastal, transitional interiors are my specialty. Here are a few of the designs I’ve created inspired by the movie. Matthews Copeland Interiors/Decorist

Feel free to shop this look by Arahus inspired by the movie

My next favorite Nancy Meyer movie is It’s Complicated.

I mean, it’s Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin. Located in Santa Barbara, California, it boasts good food, romance, and a hell of a soundtrack. I when I am having a bad day, I watch this movie. Love the Spanish influence and styled California interiors which are warm, welcoming, and with pops of terra cotta. The interiors were meant to be not only welcoming to family and friends but functional for guests.

Here are my favorite picks:

Julie and Julia is another good movie with great interiors. With the fantastic presence of Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, and the understated Chris Messina it’s a foodie’s perfect movie. I know it’s a Nora Ephron film, but the food and the fashion and French interiors, but I think Ms. Meyers was a producer on the movie and Marc Ricker was the production designer. I would also watch the HBO Julia as well. It’s a great series.

The Holiday had the best storyline. I never thought of Jack Black as a leading man, but here we are. He did a fantastic job. Again, from San Marino to Surrey, England the interiors are stunning. Cameron Diaz (Amanda) and Kate Winslet (Iris) give award-winning performances. Strong women on opposite ends of the planet trying to navigate success and love. The interiors, I dare say deserve an award on their own.

Amanda's House

Amanda’s house is classified as modern Mediterranean, with lots of ivory, tan, chocolate brown, and deep grays. It's modern, yet very cozy. Iris’s home is small, English cottage-style as expected with a pop of blue among the cream and floral patterns. This look is easy to do. It involves a lot of layering and it's not too far off from farmhouse style. They actually had to rebuild Iris’s home for filming some scenes right down to the snow.

Iris's Cottage

The last and most famous house is the Father of the Bride House. I have always loved these movies and I play them on repeat over the holidays. I fell in love with the traditional interiors and warm buttery walls, the soft florals, English roll arm sofas, and elegant sitting chairs. Both movies sell the inner workings of an upper-middle-class family and their daughter getting married and then having a baby with a sense of humor and style. I love Nina's (Diane Keaton) and George's (Steve Martin) interactions with the in-laws and the in-paws, ha! The dogs get me every time.

Then there is the creation of the baby room by the fictional characters Franck (Martin Short) and his partner Howard Weinstein (BD Wong). But the credit goes to Set decoration: Candice Cardasis, Abigail Childs, Barbara Peterson-Malesci, and Production designer: Kim Jennings who created the warmth and the detail that pulls at your heartstrings.

The Bank's Family home and Baby room

All of these movies have big stars and fantastic writing. But with all that great writing, you need a team to help pull your visuals together to create a world that pulls moviegoers in. Designers so more than fluff pillows and details matter. Every pillow, every lamp; the lighting matters as well. As I’ve said before if the lighting is not right, the whole room is wrong.

I invite you to settle in, with your favorite drink and some popcorn and some or all of these movies. They are like a big warm hug from reality that will make you laugh and leave you inspired to create your own room.

If you need help or have questions on designing your home, check out my linktree on how schedule a consulation.

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