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Making The Connection: New & Existing Home Owners and Builders

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I know with this COVID19 we are all in the middle of, it can't be easy for new homeowners and sellers are looking to decorate their space in an effective and budget-friendly way. That's where I, the designer, make the connection to help you.

Matthews Copeland Interiors can build that bridge that can help realtors and builders build life long clientele relationships. We can help visualize the space in a way that can be difficult for new homeowners for their family to function in, or for existing homeowners looking to stage for resale.

With anything in life, if you want to succeed it starts with a plan. Matthews Copeland Interiors can help with furniture staging that is perfect for the prospective homeowner, so they can see themselves in the home. We can also help with selecting finishes, flooring, interior, and exterior paint colors; yeah we have your back.

At the end of the sale, you can gift your clients with one of our housewarming gift cards to help with the redesign of their space and make it one of kind, Or send a gift card as a wedding present, for a new nursery or as a new lease on life - Taking care of your surroundings is taking care of yourself.

Matthews Copeland Interiors has the right connections to find you the right finishes, the right paint color, and the right furnishings to make your house a home.


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