Keeping Cool and Safe in the Summertime

Updated: Mar 23

It is that time of year where you are getting the patio ready for you and your small group of friends. But if you live in Texas, we have to be ready for those days when the temperatures reach the high nineties or over a hundred.

You have to think of ways to keep cool beyond ice and water, but also keep it fun. and safe. With what Texas went through in the winter, which was an extremely rare winter, you have to be prepared for hot weather also.

Everyone and their mother has a USB cord and a portable charger. Usually, they are used your phone and iPad for communication and entertainment. You are going to need something that’s a step up if the grid gives out again. Think about what RV and campers use and that’s what you need for your home in case of any weather-related emergency.

So let think about our bodies first. In the summer is when we have lots of heat and winds. The wind from the south is not our friends combined with the dreaded humidity. So let's start with putting on our tanks, shorts, and flip flops, Let's not forget to put on our age defiant sunscreen and wearing our box braids. That’s step one - Get comfortable.

Step two is to get the right technology in case of a power outage. I would suggest a portable solar panel no less than 60-100 watts. Make sure you have the correct cables to hook up to everything your need. Which would I get? Make sure they are USB capable or even there are versions that will let you use a plug. They are affordable and worth the investment. Check out my links for suggestions

Now let's select what to keep you cool. There are USB fans, USB portable air conditioners. They even have the ones you can wear around your neck. Don't forget your outdoor lanterns. With the solar panels, you can even connect your laptop so you can keep on working or playing. And if you are smart, you can set up an outdoor portable cinema. Enjoy your favorite movie while you are enjoying your grilled culinary delights with close family and friends. Get vaxxed!!!

Have old outdoor furniture? Refresh them with a can of spray paint, beach towels, and cushions. If you have squirrels or other critters in your neighborhood you can take them back in and store them. Right now places like Amazon and Target have fantastic beach towels at affordable prices to make your backyard look great. Need a new outdoor umbrella? I have got you covered as well as with one with new LED lights and a stand to keep you cool in the shade.

Everything I am showing will give not only the backyard of your dreams but will help keep you all safe during inclement weather, hot or cold.

Need a cooler? Here is the best one I have seen and use. The Arctic Zone Cooler.

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