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It’s Valentine's Day for your Technophile!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I am not your normal girl. I don’t go gaga over flowers or candy. I don’t wear a lot of rings or any type of jewelry. Going on trips, I would miss my hubby and puppies. I am your basic have a good meal by the fireplace type of girl. But if one thing that gets my motor running its tech! I am a technophile.

I have been crazy about tech since I got my first blackberry. That turned into my first palm pilot, my first iPod to the infamous Pre to my very first iPhone. I love technology and I think I am in the wrong business. I love how you can communicate and how you can create it.

Now, a lot of people will say technology has not really changed all that much. I digress. It’s more than texting and talking now. The iwatch can help you stay healthy, turn on the lights, be more secure in and outside of your home. You can order a ride; you can order groceries on your way home. You can even have your prescriptions delivered.

CaseMate for iPhone 11

The new phones are in a plethora of colors that look like candy bars covered in bejeweled metal cases adorned with puppies, rainbows, and shoes; glorious shoes. That’s the only reason my closet doesn’t look Carrie Bradshaw’s – my feet are too small. So I have a love of gadgets. target

Apple iPad and Surface Pros, Amazon Echo dots and even the newer flip phones have got bugging for a new gadget to learn and play with. They are new jewelry for the fingers. Go you can keep chocolates, the flowers, and the fancy jewelry. Give me the real bling…Give me the tech.

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