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How to Take Care of Your Fur Babies During the Pandemic

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Let’s face it, you are not the only one feeling the stress of being in quarantine. Usually, your fur babes are usually at home either on the couch or on your bed. If you are smart you have put up the paper towel and toilet paper, because you know what kind of havoc they can cause. Plus it’s really hard to replace.

Now that we are all at home they love it. I know mine do because they scream and howl bloody murder when I take out the trash or get the mail. What’s really hard is when you have to do Zoom calls and phone calls, or if you are like me trying to draw and they get underneath the table or squeeze between your legs wanting your attention. “Come on mom, feed me”. “Come on papa; play with polar bear with me”. It’s a never-ending puppy and kitty love fest.

Well, as a pet parent there are items, toys, and other things that can keep them occupied, keep them warm, and snuggly, and when you can’t get outside there are ways for them to do their thing. All for the love of puppies and kitties! There are various ways to show your love for your pets and stay protected yourself. It's important to have fresh food, treats, and water on hand at specific times so they adhere to their schedule. And yes my pups even have a nap time.

There are colorful PPE masks, t-shirts, and gloves for you to show your love of pets. For your pet, there are collars, treats, and of course lots of hugs. You can still make appointments for your pet to get their nails trimmed and perhaps a quick shampoo and cut. Make sure they are following the federal guidelines and they are an essential business, If you can, try and learn to do it on your own. The first picture is of my Simba after his quarterly haircut and trim.

Images via Etsy: Face Mask Dog Print Elastic, PrettyNPaws, PrettyNPaws 2

You can take care of your pets and they can take care of you during once in a lifetime pandemic. We all need a friend for a source of comfort and friendship. And adopt don't shop.

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