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How are YOU doin’? During the Quarantine of 2020

That’s what everyone is asking since we have been in quarantine. Yeah, its Joey’s signature line from the show Friends and we all could use a little bit of it. What have you been doing to ease your soul? I love music, dancing around and playing with my puppies. I am thinking about baking and learning to create pastries. I am having daydreams of crispy palmiers, cream horns, any savory puff pastry.

I want to do anything to keep my mind off of this horrendous virus taking lives and putting others in danger. But there is good all around us I have to keep reminding myself there is goodness all around me. At the post office, the workers in the grocery stores, the doctors and nurses saving lives, the scientists and the mayors and governors brave enough to do the right thing.

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I want to learn to bake and create one of those rich and moist cakes from scratch. I want to bake one of those flaky buttery pie crusts and fill it to the rim with chocolate crème, lemon custards topped with a crust and meringue so tasty the words mmm, is not good enough. The women in my family have this penchant for baking, sewing; just creating something that gives one joy and hope. Buttermilk fried chick has got to be on the list; no one can make it right.

So how you doin’? I think we will be fine. Implore everyone to stay inside, create happiness, create joy and create memories that inspire others. Yeah, we will be fine.


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