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Have an Old Refrigerator? Why Not Paint It To Revive It?

In these uncertain times, everyone is trying to take stock in what they have and how to make their home better. Do you have enough toilet paper, disinfectant spray, and wipes? Do you have enough paper towels and water? Lastly, do you have enough food and bottled water to hold you over? Makes you think.

According to most retailers they have had a run on air fryers, bread makers, and refrigerators. I had a twenty-year-old refrigerator I knew I was going to replace, but because of the pandemic, I kept it for storing, water, and frozen fruits and vegetable. Twenty years. The inside looked great the outside, not so much. After a good cleaning inside and out, the front looked great.

I relocated it to the newly remodeled coffee bar puppy area. But the side was peaking out. It was black and it did not go with the décor. So I thought could wrap it, put more magnets on it, or add more pictures of puppies on it.

So, I did my research on Pinterest for inspiration. There was a trend in painting your old refrigerator. I had extra paint so why not. Here are the steps I took. My outcome wasn’t as flawless, but it looks fantastic.

1. Clean the area or areas you are going to paint. Let it dry, then sand the area you intend to paint.

2. I used KILZ L204511 primer you purchase it in any hardware store or on Amazon.

3. Let that dry for a few hours. Use Scotch Blue painters’ tape and tape off your lines for your design. I used varying size stripes. Like I did on my focal entry. So something repeated in my rooms.

4. Make sure the tape lines are straight; press hard then prep for painting.

5. I used all Sherwin Williams colors: Softer Tan, Bunglehouse Blue, Extra White, and Sporty Blue. Pretty much the same colors in the space.

6. Wait an hour or two, then remove the tape. I waited a few minutes and some lines are not as straight. But from far back you can’t tell. The beauty of doing this you can match your décor.

So if you have a refrigerator and it's still in good condition, why not gussy it up? So whether you keep the one you’ve got or buy one at resale, paint is your friend.


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