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Farewell to 2019

How do I describe 2019 for me? Well I got kicked down and got back up again. There were bright spots of joy. Lots of struggle, but it's now moving forwards again thank goodness. There was loss. I lost two teeth; yep I had to have dental work. I bit on a orange during the Super Bowl and it cracked and fell out for no reason. It was not pleasant. But now I have a better smile, not perfect, but better.

The biggest loss for me was my beloved pet, Cookie. Or Cook-Cook La Rue as we called her. White red and brown, she was fluffy and so sweet. Sixty pounds of love and cuddles for eighteen years. She did not walk, she trotted with a big, mischievous smile. When she got excited she would hop for food and walkies. She had a loud bark and have a Scooby Doo yawn as if she was talking. Every night she would sleep by the front door or stay with me as a worked late until the morning. I remember her and miss her terribly. Good puppy.

With the dark comes the light. I went to a Lights event. Its a paper lamp event like in the movie Tangled. It was amazing! I spent more time with family and in these crazy days, we need family and to hold tight to the love and fun they bring. I also learned about forgiveness. You can forgive the drama, but not forget.

Entertainment wise I saw some great shows and movies. My favorite shows were:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, When They See Us, Dead To Me and The Mandalorian. My favorite movies were: Knives Out, Little Women, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, The Lion King, Maleficent and Zombieland: Double Tap and A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood. So yes we lost the Big Bang Bang Theory, but we gained so much more.

Looking forward to 2020 to more joy, better health, and more work. Also I am in it to have people to register to vote. We have to have people in power who are in the business of taking care of ALL Americans. We have to have people who want better health care, a living wage, stop climate change and who really want to put in stricter gun control laws to make our cities, our country and our world safer.

Bye 2019 here's to a better, safer 2020.

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