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Easy to Make Cream Horn Pastries for Dessert

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Want to make Italian Cannoncini for dessert? Sounds Fancy but in America, they are called cream horns made of flaky, buttery pastry and a sweet, whipped cream filling. Now you could take the time to make the buttery pastry by hand but there is an easier way to make them. Here are all to tools to make them. And they are delicious!

I searched high and low in my city for someone who could make these and so I got tired and went to Pinterest and made them myself. Extremely easy to make.

· Conical metal molds- I used 8 cones and you can find them on Amazon.

· Pastry piping bag and icing tools

· Pastry Sheet 1 sheet

· Whipping cream 1 cup

· Confectioners’ sugar ½ cup

· Butter to grease the cones

· Vanilla 1 teaspoon

· Sugar to sprinkle on the cones

· 1 egg for egg wash

· Dusting sifter

Begin by thawing out the pastry sheets then cut them lengthwise into ½ inch strips.

Butter the cone molds and set them aside.

Wind the strips, bottom to top and once you are done, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Once out, brush them with the egg wash so they hold together while baking. Dust with a little sugar to help it get a nice golden brown bake and a little sweetness.

Bake at 20 minutes at 400 degrees. If you have a convection oven, I would bake them for 15 minutes. It cooks fast, so keep an eye on it. Bake to a golden brown.

While that is baking, make your whipped cream. Make sure your whipping cream is well chilled put it in a cooled bowl. Add the sugar and vanilla and whip on a medium-high speed. Wait a few minutes then kick up to high. For me, this took the longest time. Them come the fun part.

Once the pastry shells are done let them cool for a minute or two and while still warm slide the shells off. If you wait until they are cooled completely, it will be hard to separate the shells from the metal cones

Once the cones are cooled fill with your whipped cream and dust with your confectioner’s sugar. Voila! You have made a dessert pastry that will impress everyone. Enjoy!

Video Credit: Imperial Sugar/Cream Horns

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