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Dressing Up Your Eyes Behind Your Mask

We have been wearing masks for the better part of the year. I have saved money on lipstick alone. You can’t show your smile. So what’s the next best thing? Dress up your eyes and brows.

Here are my favorite items to dress up my eyes. My favorite concealer is by MAC their pro concealer in N35 or Maybelline Fit Me in Café, My favorite liner is by Maybelline Eyestudio Liquid EyeLiner in black. My go-to mascara, it's always L’Oréal Voluminous mascara in blackest black.

I love e.l.f. Eyeshadow palette in rose gold. My skin has yellow tones so it looks great. When I do go full face for Zoom calls my favorite lip color is L’Oréal red 337 That’s all I wear. On a more casual, can be bothered about it day I wear NYX lip pencil in auburn and their lip plumping gloss.

Brows are a big deal for me. I have always been complimented on them my whole life. I don’t use powders, tat ink or even have them micro-bladed; thought about the last one. I wear NYX Professional Auto Eyebrow pencil in dark brown. I have a high arch and recessed lids. Think Marilyn Monroe, or bedroom eyes so it's fun to play them up.

One thing I have invested in is the new magnetic eyelashes. Eyelash glue is the contact lenses of the eyes. I bought lashes years ago and I never touched them. So I decided to splurge and get Moxielash and take them out for a spin. They have a special liner that helps adhere the magnetic lashes to your eyes. Very easy to wear, life-changing. Bonus, you can wear them up to fifty times. Worth the money I spent.

So while wearing your masks, don’t be afraid of showing off your eyes. Be expressive when showing off your shadow skills. They are the windows to our souls, and the best way to smile.


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