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Design Styles: Creating a Coastal Getaway

credit: , matthewscopelandinteriors

When Alyssa reached out to design their weekend getaway, she expressed to me they wanted a space that was family-friendly and relaxing. They also requested me to select special seating for their active toddler and storage for their toys to keep the space nice and tidy.

From there based on their needs, I gave them two palettes to choose from natural textures and a coastal blue getaway. They chose the coastal blue getaway. In the end result was something If you need colorful, cozy, and relaxing. If you need help with your getaway or need home décor tips please subscribe to my blog and newsletter.

Try these tips when adding a coastal feel to your room. Light up your living space by adding lanterns. Select distressed or whitewashed finishes for your occasional furnishings. Select coastal-themed art and accessories. Add cute storage and seating for your kids. Be sure to keep it personal and make it functional. Make your home the perfect getaway for you and your family!

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