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Creating the Perfect Entryway In and Outside the Home

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When you find your forever home you want to put your stamp on it. When you have guests enter your home, what is the first thing you want them to say? What is the feeling you’d like to have when you enter your home after a hard day at work, even if you travel nowadays? You want it to be warm, welcoming, and functional. People always forget the functional part when designing spaces. That is how they last for years without redecorating every month; functionality is first. There are two types of entries: exterior and interior. The outdoor entry and interior entry or mudroom.

hall tree 1, decorative coat rack, and hall tree 3

The exterior entry before you step one foot in the doorway announces the presence and style of the home. It's like the trailer for the home’s interior. It can be as colorful as you like, so don’t be afraid of adding your personality. From potted plants to a small chair, decorative outdoor mats, mailboxes, and house numbers. Most people like the home to reflect the seasons and holidays.

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The interior entry is more functional. Most people need a simple console, a bowl for keys, or a basket for mail. A coat rack and an umbrella stand. I like to add a mirror because we girls like to double-check our looks before heading out. I would add a place for rainboots and dog leashes (don’t forget the puppies!). If you have kids, a hall tree or a mudroom station for coats, backpacks, and muddy shoes would be appropriate. If you are fortunate enough, a wash station as well.

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This sets up the style of the home whether it’s a transitional, farmhouse, or modern with a bit of glamour. My rule is to figure out what you’d like to be then build on the style so it matches the home's décor. Then there is the budget. Start by using what you have to make it personal, then purchase what you need with the advice and help of a designer, like me to finish it out. Be sure to measure for proper furniture placement and have fun with it.

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