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Creating a Calm and Relaxing Bathroom

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Most homes built in the ’70s and ’80s have two small full bathrooms. It is 2021, it's time for a makeover if you haven’t touched it. We have two small bathrooms in our home and at one point we thought about tearing it up to make one large bathroom. I mean we could do it; I have designed a full luxury bathroom out of a closet. Here’s the thing, we are not rich, bleeding with money to drop six to ten grand on a high-end bathroom. Through proper planning and budgeting, we did it for half.

Jones Bathroom Remodel 2007

Bathroom converted from a closet - credit: s.copeland designer

I must preface this, in both circumstances both were due to age, water damage, and mold. Not fun and scary as hell during a pandemic. In this bathroom remodel, my bathroom had a leak and a pipe break during the December 2020 and February 2021 ice storms. One had to do with the toilet, the other the shower pipe and wall. Again, we had to wait we are not rich. They told us they had to rip out the tile, repair the pipes and reset the toilet. So, we decided we might as well do everything.

So far we have spent a thousand dollars on repairs. I decided my bathroom would be a little more lux with a combination of ceramic and marble tiles. The walls would be a soft gray (SW passive) and the floor would be a modern geometric tile. The light periwinkle blue vanity would go navy blue (SW naval). To save money, I would keep my mirror, vanity, and vanity plumbing hardware robe hook. I redid the storage under the cabinet a long time ago. I like organization. Here is a list of items we used for our bath remodel. We didn’t go crazy.

How it started...

I chose my tile from Floor and Décor here in Dallas, and I highly recommend their installers. They were very professional and followed covid procedures. With everything, there is a process. To save even more money, my husband did the demo, and we painted the walls, vanity cabinet, and ceilings ourselves. The fixtures and final touches came from

There was a three-week waiting period because of the storm, and we weren’t the only ones that had to fix things. Once started, it took an entire week. First, they started with the tub and shower area. I requested the same recessed shelving as the one in our bedroom. The large-scaled 12 x 24 porcelain tiles were set horizontally on the wall with the smaller hexagonal marble tiles as a border and back. I love the color It goes with the larger tile but provides some warmth.

Then they did the flooring. I wanted white large-scaled hexagonal tiles on the bath floor so the space seems larger. The hexagonal tile gives the overall space a fresh modern look. The peach glazed tiles were history. We kept the lighting hardware, sink, and cabinet hardware. We replaced the tub hardware, tub, toilet, shower curtain rod, added a new towel rod and extra shelving.

Everything worked with my antique mirror and other finishes. I had chosen satin nickel and white finishes. My accessories previously in the space worked well in the space.

The cost of this bathroom remodel plus labor was around $3500 almost. If we had not done the demo and some of the other installations, it would have been close to $6000. Now I have the bathroom of my dreams. Being a professional designer helps that I do this for everyone else; now it was my turn. Any remodel especially a bath or kitchen remodel adds value to our home, and I could not be happier.

If you need help with your home refresh or remodel, use my link below for a free discovery call and assessment.


Interior designer: Matthews Copeland Interiors

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