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Cozy Up and Get Comfortable for the Holidays with Arhaus

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

You know the rules. Stay at home, be safe but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable and wrap yourself in luxury while doing it. Whether it’s in your family room, room, or if you are fortunate to have a super cool media space, you need the essentials.

You need a super comfortable chair to slouch down in front of the fire or in front of your flat screen tv, hopefully watching Endgame or the new Wonder Woman 1984. And I think I have the perfect chair. Arhaus’s Snugg Chair is so comfortable. When you sit in it it's like a warm hug for your entire body. It comes in five fun colors like big bear cream and grizzly gray. It’s easy to clean for those moms with messy teenagers out there. Perfect for dorms and game rooms too. Delivered to you in a nice gift bag perfect for a housewarming or birthday.

Okay, all of those chairs are being used, so you adjourn to your chaise on your side of your sofa. But you are feeling a bit chilly, wouldn’t it be nice to wrap yourself in an elegant faux throw as you read the latest bestseller? My favorite type of throw is the Arhaus Pleated Faux Fur Throw. It adds color, warmth, and texture to your favorite chair or sofa in any room. When you feel that chill in the air, this is the perfect way to bundle up.

For a little more ambiance and to fill the air with a light aromatic scent, candles are the way to go and the new votives, candles, and candle holders, perfect for gift giving and they are in stock. My three favorites are the Dahlia Pillar Holder with is beautifully structured petals that encompass a short pillar candle. Then there is the Driftwood Holiday Evergreen Candle. Carved out of mango wood, makes a beautiful gift. If you like the unusual, I am in love with the Bahati lantern, made of natural terra cotta. Looks amazing lit up, perfect indoors or out. Now you can use regular wax candles or led candles for your space.

There are no wrong choices on this list. There are no rules in creating a warm, cozy living space, it's only for you and your family so sink in, stay safe and happy holiday.

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