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Bottoms Up: Creating Your Own Personal Bar at Home

Listen, I know its hard being in home confinement during a pandemic. We all have to do what it takes to survive during this trying time. From freshening up dull spaces and creating new study spaces for the kids. Bars have been known to be super-spreaders of the COVID 19 virus. So, its best to be safe than sorry. Create your own bar space at home Its super easy.

Everyone has a space near the kitchen, living room, or media area when you can do something different with, make it into a drink or snack bar. At my home, it's kind of half and half. I don’t drink but my hubby does and some of our family and friends do also. The other half are snacks and I have a mini-fridge for non-alcoholic drink and water, So, let's just start with the basics that are relatively inexpensive that you may have around the house. Get in that garage and dig!

Let's start with paint because it’s the easiest way to change a space from dull, to fabulous. If you have any spare wood from other projects now is the time to make floating shelves. You can buy L-brackets on Amazon or Overstock. Depending on the space 24” to 36” and any wear from 6” to 10” in depth make the best shelves. If you don’t have the supplies order them and make it a weekend job.

Art and lighting really make the space. You can use Christmas lights or even plug and play sconces in the area. If you have a used sideboard, a small table, or a low bookcase, you can paint them and add a stylish tray or cutting board. Decanters and barware are really important.

I love the old-fashioned crystal decanters and chrome hardware. The clear decanters come in many sizes and look stunning. Make sure you wash everything before use, then fill with your favorite liquor or bite-size treat. Now you have a space that everyone can enjoy.

So pull up after having a hard day working from home, watch a great movie, and have a drink and snack on the house.


Need help building your personal drink and snack bar? Contact me, I can help

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