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Being Socially Responsible and Friendly During the Coronavirus

We are living through a really weird and strange time in our history. Keeping at an arm’s length seems strange. My family wasn’t fans of hugging that came into play when I went to school. We were taught to be kind and empathic. Hug like Bert and Ernie; Big Bird and Mr. Hooper. Now it’s forbidden.

No kisses on the cheek, no fist bump and no handshakes what so ever. Because now those simple acts of greeting one another have become deadly because of coronavirus wreaking havoc all over the globe. I know sigh...

So like learning about social media, we have to adapt and use precautions. There all sorts of ways you can greet people. You have to trace it back a century two ago. You could start with a tip of the hat, a gracious wave or a slight Namaste bow with an eyebrow raise.

Or you could be super cool and do an elbow bump, foot tap and the peace sign never feels dated.

One thing that is absolutely paramount is keeping your hands clean. I use antibacterial soap and scrub for twenty seconds. It does not have to be liquid. It can be in a bar or foaming style. Wash your hands with warm water and it helps the time go by to sing a song. I use the Phoebe’s Smelly Cat song or Sheldon’s Soft Kitty song. They are short and even kids will learn the lyrics easily.

Don’t forget to clean under your nails and trim them as well. Another no is not keeping your beard up; It's better to shave it off. Wash your hands and use sanitizer every time, it will save lives.

So as a citizen of the earth I am asking you to keep your social distance, be kind and wash your hands.

credit: redbubble,com

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