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Are you tired? So am I

Let me preface this with I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I have worn my mask anytime I go out, even if I go out to get the mail. It’s not being overprotective or even scared. It’s all about survival. I want to take walks, ride the train. My most favorite thing to do is ride the train downtown to see the views, the landscape of Dallas. Listen to a full iTunes playlist.

The good thing during this pandemic, I managed to lose 35 pounds and manage my diabetes. I don’t know what size I am anymore, I’d like to go shopping. I have to get online with Target, Shein, and Macy’s, try two sizes, and send one back. I would like to sit in a booth with my husband and eat a fantastic, romantic meal. I can live with all of that, sacrifice it. We have eaten out during the summer before delta and omicron hit. But I am tired.

I am tired of selfishness. I am tired of people not wanting to do the smallest thing for the greater good. I am tired of people not wanting to protect the elderly, children, and babies. Babies who they have argued and were fighting as if pro-life meant something to them. I am tired of this meanness. Stop it, Karen and Ken.

I am tired. If you believe in Christmas and the teachings of Christ, but don’t believe in actually loving your neighbor, helping the needy, or being good in HIS name; WTH? After all, he made the actual sacrifice. Love is love is love is love. Kindness is free. We can’t hug anymore or shake hands, but a hello, how are you? Or a thank, thank you for your hard work you can brighten someone’s day.

The stress of it all after three years and two new variants reared their heads along with the flu. I am tired of no interaction. I feel like a piece of fried chicken with sides, and no one can enjoy her. Don’t get me wrong. I have a loving husband, three puppies, and a fixer-upper I love fixing up. Sometimes it’s hard to get up be creative when there is so much divisiveness. It’s like, ugh!

So much death. Remember when any natural disaster his a town or an entire country, Americans we used to dig down deep and pitch in; red and blue did not matter. What has happened?

As of today, there have been 826,000 deaths due to covid; any strain. All we had to do was wear a mask and get the vaccine. There would have been some deaths, but not this many. It’s like a bomb struck this country. But the bomb was racism and ignorance, and not from a foreign entity. It came within. We were already dealing with the killing of innocent black women and men for no reason, but to have a mask and the vaccine being politicized. I can’t, I can’t. I am tired

I have always loved science, technology for the good of society. But there are some who have used it like a bull horn for spreading disinformation, racism, and misogyny. It is 2022, not 1952.

I have never set any resolutions for the year, but I am going to, and I hope you join me in these few.

  • Number one: therapy. I think it's essential to healing from within. Check your insurance to see what they cover.

  • Take time for self-care. Even it’s a 15-minute nap.

  • Holding up a house and business is hard, when you can, treat yourself. Some bubble baths, warm sheets

  • Let others like people you know love and trust take up some of the slack. You can’t do everything.

  • Still mask up, social distance, and get your booster. If there is a fourth one, I’m taking it.

  • Be kinder, give a little more, laugh a little more. Hug a puppy. Choose less stress.

One other thing to do. Turn off the tv, put down the phone and listen to sounds. Alexa will play sounds to relax you like thunderstorms, rain, and oceans. The YouTube app can play the same things but through a window. Or it can play seasons you love. Make a playlist, just to relax. I like keeping up my Christmas lights around my living room. After 2019 and 2020, it just made me happier.

Choose less stress even if you need to find a new job. Do what you love baking, dancing, or creating. Breathe. Taking deep breaths and laughing is essential. You don’t have to forgive the meanness, but you sure as hell can move on for your peace. Drink your water, take your meds and stay safe. We are all tired, it won’t be like this forever.

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