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How to Combine Beauty and Functionality in Your Space

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In my experience as a designer over the years, spaces have become more open and families have gotten larger. You need furnishings that are not only with family-friendly fabrics, but you also need furniture that pulls double duty.

Occasional furniture falls into this category with the use of coffee tables, side tables, and ottomans. Before this, you had on the top of the furniture competing for attention. Now you have side tables with shelves, drawers, and pockets; yes I said pockets.

Coffee tables and ottomans now have shelves for books, come with lift tops and places for baskets. Some ottomans and coffee tables split off into other functional pieces of furniture like end tables and stools.

This new variety of furniture comes in not only wood but leather, vegan leather, and fabrics in colors to match your décor. So a coffee table is not just a coffee table anymore. Now it can extend its use in the home by providing storage and seating; while remaining affordable.

I invite you to add more functionality in your living spaces to keep them neat and tidy, and of course beautiful.


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