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Welcome to Sit, Nosh and Style!

The year of 2019 held a lot of changes for me. From the rug pulled out from under me at a job, to the struggles of a burgeoning new designer and trying to build a brand. To loves and loss that deeply affected me. To finding the quirkiness and fun in life that kept me laughing and going strong.

This blog will not only speak about design trends, food and new styles. We are going to talk about movies, music and one of my loves, dancing. Actually you will be taking a journey with me back into class. I am about to pull a Lizzo, "I do my hair toss, check my nails baby how you feelin'? Feeling good as hell!!!"

2019 was kinda rough, I got kicked in the dirt. I turned those scars into seeds and I planted it. The tears that rained down my face watered it so my new ideas can blossom. I shed the darkness so light shines through so I can begin to fight. Lets sit, have a nosh and do it with style.

#bathroom #renovation

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