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Frequently Asked Questions  


1. How long have you been in design? I have been in design since 2007 and started my company in 2015. I have two design degrees and I am a member of ASID ALLIED and Black Interior Designers and Black Female Interior Designers. I design for everyone.


2.How do I set up a client meeting? First all for everyone to feel comfortable we can start with a discovery call so we can see if we are the right fit for your needs. From there we would set up a Zoom or Facetime call and discuss you needs you can show me your home and we can discuss colors and furnishings. The discovery call is free. The Virtual Consult is 60 (regularly 99.00) you can do it on our BOOK NOW page.


3. What is the pricing for design fees and are they paid for immediately? Consultation fees are paid upfront. Virtual design fees are also paid upfront. Custom design fees are paid half up front for the design concepts and the other half when the final design is signed off.


4. So many firms do virtual design, what makes you different? You are dealing with me one on one. You are dealing with an experienced designer, not someone doing it as a hobby. I have access to more vendors, so you get the design customized to your space, not geared towards commissions.

5. Once the consult is done, what’s next? You upload your photos, room measurements, and inspirational photos and I come up with a specialized plan. Functionality, form, and style, in that order, is how I design. We communicate on a special platform and chat one on one.  


6. What about refunds on design work? There are no refunds on design work done prior to ending a project. For instance, if the concepts are done and you have okayed them but decided to do it yourself or work with another designer, there are no refunds and the designer retains the rights to the drawings and plans. The client keeps a copy.

If we get into the design phase and you decided to stop. Up to that point, you will get a partial refund for the work done. No furnishings or shopping lists will not be procured at this point.


7. What is the procedure for refunds on purchases? If we get this past the final and you are doing it on your own, I will try my best to get you the best quality and pricing on furnishing. There are no returns on shipping or surcharges or on extra procurements on custom projects. If there is an issue with an item, a full refund through the vendor will be made. Shipping and repackaging is the client's responsibility. Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours in advance 


8. What is the process for COM Orders and Custom Design? From time to time I will have a custom project, kitchen, or bath project to do. Custom-made orders, Finishes, and Fabrics require deposits and longer lead times. There are no returns. The custom home design takes four to eight weeks with custom fabric and products. Kitchen and Bath take depending on the contractors and any special issues, six to twelve weeks. The virtual design takes about 10 days to start to finish with in-stock items only and add 1-2 weeks for shipments to arrive.



10. What is the process if I do local shopping and styling? Cost and pricing are discussed during our virtual meeting. Location and timing is a factor in pricing. We can make a day of it and do a shopping trip so you can try before you buy.

11. This is a Covid Free Environment. I have been vaccinated and I have not had covid for THREE YEARS. When I arrive at your home or at a designated meeting place, then 

it will be sanitized and adhere to covid regulations. I will not step into a home that is not safe for me and my tradespeople, Gloves, and masks are required by my tradespeople, or no go. 

It is my design mantra that we treat each other with kindness and empathy. Each design and each project is unique, like my clients. I will not tolerate rudeness or racism of any kind. It is a two-way street. We work as a team and that how I design with my clients. This way projects turn out better and everyone is happy during the process.

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